Runners and non-runners alike have great things to say about Long Road to Boston 


Must read book - highly recommended! 

Long Road to Boston is a must read for any runner, whether you're just starting out, having been chasing your Boston dreams for years, or have reached your goal of qualifying for the world's most prestigious amateur marathon. Mark takes the reader through an emotional, raw and heartfelt journey, bouncing between historical anecdotes of the Boston Marathon, and his dreams and unfortunate struggles to one day run the race that so many dream of. As someone who has recently completed Boston, Mark truly captures what it means to participate in this amazing day, but also the trials and tribulations that you must go through to qualify in the first place.

This is truly a page turner - not due to it's simplicity - but due to it's ability to rope you in, engage you, and make you feel something real. I read the entire book, cover to cover, in one sitting. I laughed. I cried. And I recommend it to anyone who has ever dreamed of - or who has already ran - the Boston Marathon. 
Jason Faber

Nothing is impossible

As someone who is on their own quest to Boston, this book captures the highs and lows of the journey. Mark balances the storyline nicely with the history of the marathon distance and the Boston marathon, with his own journey from an "average" runner to a Boston qualifier. His story is a testament to why Boston means so much to runners and inspires readers to believe that nothing is impossible. Great book.
Jayme Rae, The Pacing Life

Loved this book!

This is a must read for the recreational runner with Boston in their sights. As an older runner with a long term goal of qualifying for Boston I loved reading the history of the marathon and Mark's humorous account of his journey to run the epic race! A quick and fun read.
Lynda Bordeleau


Emotionally gripping and inspiring.

Mark Sutcliffe's Long Road to Boston is an emotionally gripping account of the highs and lows of training and trying to qualify for the Boston Marathon. It recounts in engaging and humorous stories an ordinary person's commitment to achieving an extraordinary goal, while offering an excellent account of the history of the Boston Marathon and why it matters so much to so many. The book should be in every runner's Christmas stocking, and should be read by runners and non-runners alike.
Amazon Customer

An inspirational story of making it to the start line of the world's most famous marathon

I just finished reading the e-book version on the weekend. I have read a lot of books about the Boston Marathon, but this one really spoke to me more than any other. Once I started reading it, I wasn't able to put it down. I am amazed at how many details of the course and the experience that Mark was able to retain on his first time running Boston. I have run Boston 16 times since 1991. I was so overwhelmed with the experience my first time running it that much of it was a blur. It wasn't until I went back and ran it again (and again and again) that I began to really appreciate what was going on out there. Long Road to Boston captures it so well. What I really appreciated was that it was from a non-elite runner perspective. This will really resonate with anyone who has run Boston but has not broken the tape or left town with prize money in their pocket. And also with anyone who aspires to run Boston. Mark Sutcliffe has shown that anything is possible if you want it badly enough. This book could have been called "Long Road to Hopkinton", as the author chronicles the drive, ambition and desire involved in getting to the start line of this iconic marathon. Getting to the finish line was icing on the cake.
Tim Scapillato

The best book on the Boston Marathon I have ever read!

A must read for anyone going to Boston or anyone who wants to be inspired and entertained. This book made me appreciate the Boston Marathon more than I did already - and I have run the race three times. If you buy one only book on Boston this is the best on the market.
Bob, Amazon Reviewer



This is the perfect book to read 2 weeks before a marathon! It is funny, heart warming, inspiring and motivating. Mark has a wry, self-deprecating sense of humour that made me guffaw out loud many times. Yet, he also brought me to tears many times also. I loved how he interwove the history of the Boston Marathon with his own trials and tribulations that culminates in crossing the blue line on Boylston Street. This book should be read by all runners, whether or not they aspire to run Boston. Who knows? Maybe Mark’s book will inspire you to do so!
Jane, Amazon Reviewer

A great read for everyday runners. A must-read for those who have run or want to run Boston.

Mark Sutcliffe is a good story teller. In this book, he explains why Boston is the pinnacle of running, recounting history of the race and interspersing his own personal experiences as a child and his attempts to qualify for Boston.

I am a regular runner and have run a couple of marathons and regularly run half-marathons and 10K races. Although I will probably never get to Boston, i enjoyed reading about the race and can relate to the struggle. The book is well suited to everyday runners. But if you have run Boston, or want to, then this book is a must!

Part Memoir, Part History, Thoroughly Enjoyable

But Sutcliffe has a fine appreciation, not just for the training required, but of the place that the Boston Marathon holds in the pantheon of marathons. Interspersed in his own narrative are the stories of John McDermott, the first champion, to Native American runner and twice-champion Elliot “Tarzan” Brown, to the immortal Clarence DeMar.
Paul Duffau