Mark Sutcliffe: Author

Mark is the author of four books: Long Road to Boston, Why I Run, Canada's Magnificent Marathon and the children's book Big Joe and the Return of Football.



New release: Long Road to Boston

With a foreword by Bart Yasso, Chief Running Officer, Runner's World
Long Road to Boston combines the history of the world’s most coveted marathon with the personal journey of one ordinary runner who seeks to fulfill his ultimate amateur athletic goal.


Why I Run

At once analytical, self-deprecating, enthusiastic and inspiring, Why I Run provides a fresh and rousing perspective on the rapidly growing sport that has allowed thousands of individuals to overcome challenges and fulfill their dreams, literally one step at a time.


Canada's Magnificent Marathon

To celebrate the 40th Edition of the Ottawa Marathon, Run Ottawa produced a special commemorative book filled with photographs and stories from 40 years of running in Ottawa. Authored by Mark Sutcliffe, Canada's Magnificent Marathon tells the story of Canada's biggest, best and most historic Marathon!


Big Joe and the Return of Football

Authored by Mark Sutcliffe and illustrated by Julie Lefebvre, Big Joe and the Return of Football introduces REDBLACKS mascot Big Joe, as he helps a group of kids discover Ottawa’s storied football past while helping to build its new future in the CFL. The book teaches that with teamwork and determination, great things are possible.