Let's hope Doug Ford avoids excuses and slogans and rises to the occasion

Only a few months ago, Doug Ford was planning to run for mayor of Toronto. Now he’s about to become the premier of Ontario.

With the mandate he’s been given by Ontario voters, Ford has an opportunity to do many good things. He can keep taxes low. He can give businesses more time to adjust to the rising minimum wage. He can ensure we invest strategically in health care and education, rather than just throw more money at them. But to be successful, Ford will have to show a lot more sophistication than he demonstrated over the past few weeks.

He’ll soon discover that in government, the answers aren’t as easy as they appear on the campaign trail. He won’t lower rising electricity costs simply by firing the board of Hydro One. He won’t be able to address Ontario’s escalating debt simply by finding efficiencies. He won’t solve problems with slogans.

It will be tempting for Ford to blame any early struggles on the mess he inherited from the Liberals. But the accountability now lies with him and his team. Excuses aren’t welcome. Let’s hope Doug Ford rises to the challenge and makes Ontario stronger and fairer.

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