Even when the options aren't perfect, we must make a decision

To many voters in Ontario, there is no appealing option in today’s provincial election. The vast majority of us seem to think the Liberals have been in power too long and have made too many mistakes to warrant re-election.

Outside of the deeply partisan, many voters have mixed feelings about the two remaining options. A considerable number are not sold on Doug Ford, who has squandered a big lead in the polls, provides simplistic answers to important questions and failed to release a fully costed campaign platform. And many are also worried about the prospect of an NDP government. While they like Andrea Horwath, they aren’t confident in the party’s record, have concerns about the depth and experience of its candidates and worry about the impact of an NDP government on the economy.

In an ideal world, there would be an obvious choice that a majority of voters could embrace and elect to a sweeping majority. But even when there isn’t a perfect option, we still have to make a decision. From among the imperfect alternatives, we must choose the person or party that best fits our criteria. Good luck to all of us.

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