It's never a guarantee that another leader would produce a better result

As with any other spectator sport, there is a lot of second-guessing in politics. Some people assume that if Kathleen Wynne had stepped down as premier a year ago, the Liberals would have had a much better chance of winning this election. Others suggest that if Christine Elliott, and not Doug Ford, had won the Progressive Conservative leadership, it would have led to a certain majority government.

But it’s not always that simple. Election campaigns matter. Some people shine and others make mistakes. As they say in sports, that’s why you play the game. Nothing against Elliott, but if she’s the ideal leader, why has her party voted for someone else three times in a row? If Brian Mulroney had stayed on in 1993 and lost the federal election, many people would have argued that things would have been much different if another leader had taken over for the Progressive Conservatives.

Someone bright and appealing like Kim Campbell, they would have argued, would have been more likely to win. But Campbell didn’t win. It’s never a guarantee that a different person would produce a better result.

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