It's a bit rich for Wynne to suggest only the Liberals can be trusted with a majority

There are many ways for voters to consider how they will cast their ballots. Which leader do they prefer? Which platform is the most sensible? Which local candidate would serve them best?

Now, Kathleen Wynne has added another consideration to the list: whether to stop the other parties from getting a majority. There’s nothing wrong with honesty, and Wynne is right that she’s not going to win the election. And while many people vote strategically, and there’s no harm in making any pitch to voters in the final days of an election campaign, it does seem more than a little arrogant for Wynne to suggest that the Liberals can be trusted with majorities but the other parties can’t.

Perhaps this is just about trying to hang on to the last few Liberal voters who haven’t deserted for one of the other two parties. But it does seem a bit rich to tell Ontario residents who obviously are not only anxious but ready for change that the parties they are turning to are too risky to be given the same kind of mandate the Liberal shave had for most of the last 15 years.

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