We shouldn't begrudge the prime minister a bit of personal time

There are many reasons to criticize Justin Trudeau’s performance as prime minister, including broken promises on electoral reform and deficits, and a disastrous and frivolous trip to India. But whether or not he takes a personal day from time to time is not particularly relevant.

Even if the prime minister takes more time off than other politicians, I’m not sure how much that matters. Politics is a tough business and all of our representatives are entitled to time off with their families. I’m sure Conservative leader Andrew Scheer doesn’t work 365 days a year, and if he does, he shouldn’t. Even when on a day when he doesn’t have public appearances, Trudeau is likely in regular contact with his advisers. Just like the CEO of a company, the prime minister has a burden of responsibility, so the job is probably always on his mind.

If the prime minister is doing a good job, we shouldn’t care if he takes time off. If he’s not, then we should condemn his performance, not how many hours he is or isn't putting in. Either way, we shouldn’t begrudge him some time with his family.

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