If you don't want Trump re-elected, don't kick Sarah Sanders out of your restaurant

We may not all agree about politics, but we should respect each other’s opinions. Some people, of course, find the behaviour of the Trump administration to be beyond simple differences of perspective.

But there’s no reason that White House press secretary Sarah Sanders, or any other political figure in the United States, should be refused service at, or kicked out of, a restaurant. The owners of the restaurant in Virginia may not agree with the president Sanders represents, or even the way she represents him. And technically, they may have the right to refuse service to anyone they choose. But in a free society, that’s not the way we should behave.

Some of the people attacking Trump for being divisive are now as much of the problem as he is. They are contributing to the notion that Trump and his team are being treated unfairly, and they are emboldening his supporters. If we want a society in which people should not be barred from receiving service because of their race, gender or sexual orientation, we shouldn’t ban them for their politics. And anyone who wants a world without Trump in the White House should rethink these tactics that are only making it more likely that he gets re-elected.

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