If Trump doesn't like seeing children separated from their parents, he could stop it immediately

There is simply no rational argument for separating children from their parents under any circumstances unless it’s for their own wellbeing.

In the case of illegal immigrants to the United States, using children as the instruments to punish parents for their decisions is not only harmful to the kids, it’s inhumane. Unfortunately, like so many issues in America, this has become extremely politicized. President Donald Trump is blaming Democrats for the law and even his wife Melania implied that it was some kind of political stalemate that was leading to the current outcomes. In fact, it’s the Trump administration’s own zero tolerance policy that was put in place last month that led to almost 2,000 children being taken from their families in a six-week period.

The president says he hates seeing it happen, but he could easily do something about it. As John Kasich, the Republican governor of Ohio, tweeted recently: Quit separating families. It’s that simple.

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