Beating Donald Trump will be more complicated than just swearing at him

No matter how much it might delight Donald Trump’s opponents to see Robert De Niro and other show-business stars verbally attack the president, it accomplishes very little. Moreover, it proves how much Trump’s opponents are struggling to find a coherent, effective way to respond to Trump or eventually defeat him. No one took Trump seriously when he ran for the Republican nomination, nor as a candidate for president.

Even after he moved into the White House, everyone presumed he would be impeached within months. At the very least, he’d be trounced in the midterm elections. And there’s no way he’d be re-elected in 2020. Perhaps now some of Trump’s opponents are starting to wake up to the fact that beating him, this year or in two years, will be much more difficult than they originally thought. With every day he remains in office, Trump is winning.

There’s no certainty that the Democrats will sweep the mid-terms and there’s a very real chance Trump will get a second term. If his opponents want to stop that from happening, they should realize they can’t win until they stop shouting profanities and start understanding why Trump won in the first place.

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