Paul Dewar continues to build an inspiring legacy in our community

Even in the face of a devastating diagnosis, former Ottawa Centre MP Paul Dewar is thinking about the future. While all of his own long-term plans have been circumvented by terminal brain cancer, Dewar is turning his remaining energy and attention to a project to help young people that will be officially launched next week.

As an MP, Dewar always stood out for being thoughtful and constructive, rarely descending into easy partisan attacks. Rather than resorting to talking points, he learned his files well and his answers to reporters’ questions and criticisms of the government were always informed and meaningful. And since 2015, he’s continued to be a constructive force in public dialogue, contributing to democratic reform in Africa and sharing his experience with initiatives here at home. Like his mother Marion, who was mayor from 1978 to 1985, Dewar has made a vocation of serving his community. And some of his best work, apparently, is still to come.

His continuing passion for the young people of our community, despite his own health struggles, is nothing short of inspiring. And it’s a lesson for all of us that life isn’t measured in years but in the impact we have on others.

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