May 4, 2018: My top 3 Ottawa Today interviews from this week

Dr. Debra Soh

Dr. Debra Soh joined me to discuss her piece: We shouldn’t blame toxic masculinity for Toronto’s van attack. Soh believes that we should be more concerned about antisocial personality disorder because the people affected do not show remorse when others are harmed. Listen to the full interview.

Senator Vern White

Senator and former Ottawa Police Chief Vern White joined me on Ottawa Today to talk about the legalization of marijuana. White doesn’t believe its too late to postpone the legalization of marijuana to allow for First Nations to decide how they want to regulate marijuana in their communities. Listen here for the rest of the interview.

Jill Clark

Entertainment and Pop Culture Expert Jill Clark joined me for "The Culture Catch-Up." This week, the focus is on the White House correspondents dinner and what kind of comedy is acceptable at such an event. We also discuss the new karate kid movie trailer that was released on YouTube. Listen here for the full story. 

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