May 25, 2018: My top 3 Ottawa Today interviews from this week

Andrea Horwath, Ontario NDP

Ontario NDP leader Andrea Horwath joined me on Ottawa Today this week to discuss the shortfall in the fiscal plan released by the NDP and more. Horwath says that her team has dealt with the missing $700 million that was not accounted for and does not think that her campaign platform will be affected by this error. She believes Ontario deserves a party that will be honest and upfront about the serious nature of running a deficit and is prepared to back up their plan.  Listen to the full interview for details.

Stephanie Carvin

Carleton University assistant professor Stephanie Carvin joined me to discuss international affairs. We talk about the security threat at Carleton University that started with a tweet. Carvin says the entire situation was very bizarre but that every threat needs to be taken seriously. A message was released after the threat had been investigated to staff and students letting them know that there was no longer a threat. For this story and more listen here.

Larry Vance

Aviation expert Larry Vance joined me to discuss the crash of MH370 and his new book: MH370: Mystery Solved. Vance says this was a pre-planned event by the pilot to make the plane disappear forever. By landing the plane on the ocean without crashing, the plane would remain intact and simply sink to the bottom, undetected. However, this was not the case and pieces of the plane were found eventually leading to the discovery of the plan for a controlled ditch. For more information listen to the full interview.

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