Let's stop pretending education will stop texting and driving

More education won’t be enough to convince people to stop texting while driving. The problem is not that people don’t know it’s dangerous, it’s that they’re doing it anyway.

Studies show that a majority of people say using their smartphones while behind the wheel is wrong, but a majority of people admit to doing it at least once a week. So let’s drop the idea that a bunch of public service announcements are going to dissuade people from behaving dangerously behind the wheel. You could get someone to sign a pledge to leave the phone alone and five minutes later when they get a text message, they’ll look at it.

The only solution is technology that will take the decision out of the hands of the driver. Let’s get the auto manufacturers and the phone companies together to figure out how to disable phones being used by drivers and not passengers. And then let’s make that mandatory. One day the driverless car will make this issue irrelevant. But with an interim solution, we can still save a lot of lives.

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