A mobile supervised injection site would save more lives

Many people in our community were reluctant to acknowledge the need for supervised injection sites. There’s something that seems very defeatist about helping people inject dangerous, addictive substances into their veins.

In an ideal world, we’d find a way to stop people from taking drugs rather than help them do it. But many of us have come around to the idea that in an imperfect world, supervised injection sites are a necessary solution. Particularly during the opioid crisis, we have to choose between the lesser of two evils. And that means providing care to people as they consume drugs rather than letting them do it in riskier environments. So our city should also embrace the idea of a mobile safe injection unit that will serve a larger and broader part of our community. A well-equipped vehicle would help many of the people who can’t make it to the current downtown locations.

Instead of resisting the notion, like they did when a pop-up injection site was established in a park last year, our community leaders should work with the people behind the mobile plan and get them the funding they need to save more lives.

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