With his tweet, Trudeau was bragging, not welcoming refugees

When Justin Trudeau tweeted the day after Donald Trump introduced a travel ban on six Muslim-majority countries, he wasn’t really sending a message of welcome to refugees around the world. Twitter wouldn’t be the best vehicle to reach the world’s most disadvantaged people in the first place.

The emails recently obtained by the National Post show that Trudeau’s message caused confusion among government bureaucrats who weren’t sure whether it was a change in policy, which proves that what Trudeau was really doing was taking advantage of the negative reaction to Trump’s unpopular ban to brag a little bit about Canada and his government. The message was cheered by many people and covered around the world. But it was pointless and even a little bit arrogant, in line with Trudeau’s previous comment to the United Nations that Canada is back.

The tweet accomplished nothing except to boast that our government was better than Trump’s. If we’re really going to make a difference and help the neediest people in the world, we should do it with actions, not tweets.

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