Running a deficit is bad enough without bragging about it

If it were up to me, governments would run deficits only in emergencies. I don’t see why it’s so hard to keep expenses in line with revenues, especially when the economy is growing. And I’d rather see all of our money going toward priorities like health care and education rather than billions being spent on interest.

Even so, I respect that not everyone agrees and it’s hard to get worked up about small deficits like a few billion dollars. But it’s one thing to add to the debt out of a misguided sense of necessity, quite another to brag about it. Liberal MPP Bob Delaney is so proud of his government’s spending that he says he’d do it all over again. Perhaps Delaney is taking the art of political spin to a ridiculous level, or he believes, like many politicians, that anything his party does must be unimpeachable.

Either that or he really doesn’t understand government finances. You can defend a deficit by saying it’s necessary but claiming there’s virtue in borrowing money to spend on annual government expenditures is embarrassing to Delaney and insulting to voters.

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