It doesn't matter whether Doug Ford appoints some candidates

Whether or not Doug Ford appoints Progressive Conservative candidates in several Ontario ridings might be cause for concern for the people directly affected. But it’s not an issue that should alarm Ontario voters.

It’s always amazing how much political observers make of stories that won’t resonate with the general public. Ultimately, it’s not undemocratic for Ford or any other party leader to choose someone, since the voters will decide in the election whether or not the PC candidate will be their representative. And let’s not forget it wasn’t so long ago that Liberal officials were asking someone to stand aside in Sudbury to allow another candidate to run uncontested for the nomination. Political parties have become so autocratic that it seems like a fine distinction to bemoan the leader hand-selecting someone who will follow orders for the next four years rather than have local members of the riding choose someone who will do exactly the same thing.

Some of the people in the local ridings may have a legitimate beef with their leader, but that shouldn’t bother any voters. Nor should it be an important issue in the election campaign.

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