Firing the Hydro One CEO won't make our electricity prices lower

It’s understandable that people with skyrocketing electricity bills are offended that the CEO of Hydro One made $6 million last year. But firing him won’t save consumers any money. In fact, it could be quite expensive.

PC Leader Doug Ford is trying to capture votes with a populist anti-elite message. Let’s fire the guy who makes millions of dollars! It might get him some votes, but it won’t lower our electricity bills or change the factors that have made prices so high. And it could lead to a severance package of more than $10 million. Ford has the potential to run a common-sense government but he should avoid wasting time and taxpayers’ money on anti-elite messaging that doesn’t really solve any problems. If we’re going to fix the electricity system, it will take a comprehensive and intricate series of steps.

A Progressive Conservative government should be working on a meaningful and sustainable plan, not channelling anger over electricity prices into a giant severance package for an energy executive. Ford is the frontrunner to become the next premier of Ontario. We should demand more from him than just slogans and populist themes.

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