It's time for a new approach to the Olympics, one that doesn't involve taxpayers' money

The memories of the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver are still precious to many Canadians. But that doesn’t mean taxpayers’ dollars should go toward Calgary’s bid to host the Games in 2026.

The Olympics have become an expensive proposition and few people profit from it other than the members of the International Olympic Committee. The security costs alone are astronomical. And building world-class sports facilities that will be used for only two weeks is an incredible waste of resources that could go toward much greater priorities.

The Olympics should consider ending the regular bidding war among host cities and the junkets that go along with it. Instead, permanent facilities could be built in a handful of locations that would host Olympic events for the next few decades. It wouldn’t be as exciting as the cycle of bidding and winning the right to host the Games, but it would be much more efficient and would eliminate much of the persistent corruption that has plagued the movement. It’s time for a new chapter in Olympic history, one that doesn’t involve wasteful spending of taxpayers’ dollars.

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