Sometimes, technology brings us closer together

There are many examples of how technology and social media have divided our world. But in the past few days we’ve seen the extraordinary ways in which technology can be used to bring us together.

Two people who started a fundraising campaign for the victims of the Humboldt Broncos tragedy debated over whether to set the target at $5,000 or $10,000. Thanks to more than 80,000 donations from all over the world, they’ve raised more than $6 million. And messages of support have been sent from across the country and around the planet. Words aren’t enough to heal all the wounds of this disaster, but they are a huge demonstration of love and support that is gratefully received by the people of Humboldt.

Former NHL player Sheldon Kennedy, who was a member of the 1986 Swift Current Broncos, who lost four members of their team in a bus crash, points out how much things have changed in the past three decades. While not all those changes have been for the better, technology can bring us closer together. And it has this week as the entire nation has grieved with the people of Humboldt.

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