Christine Elliott gives Ontario's PCs the best chance of winning the next election

There are many factors that party members consider when choosing a new leader. For Ontario’s Progressive Conservatives, many voters may feel it’s time to shake things up and deliver an anti-elite message in the form of Doug Ford.

But that’s a risky gambit that could lead to a sweeping win or an embarrassing loss in the provincial election in June. No doubt Kathleen Wynne and the Liberals are rooting for a Ford win. Some voters may also see the potential for a fresh young face to make a difference and will vote for Caroline Mulroney. But while Mulroney clearly has a great future in politics, the short leadership race has exposed her inexperience and she would likely encounter more trouble against a seasoned politician like Wynne.

That’s why if winning the next election is the priority for party members, it’s hard to see anyone as a safer choice than Christine Elliott. She’s much more experienced than Mulroney and much less polarizing than Ford. Elliott would give the Progressive Conservatives the highest chance of winning the next election. But we won’t find out until tomorrow if that’s what was on the minds of party members.

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