If other builders can do modern design that suits Ottawa, why can't the Chateau Laurier?

There are two examples of good architecture in downtown Ottawa that the owners of the Chateau Laurier hotel can look to for inspiration for their proposed expansion.

First is the Lord Elgin Hotel, which built a significant addition a few years ago. The new wings on the north and south sides of the building are not exactly the same as the original hotel. But they aren’t a dramatic departure either. They are made of stone and the windows follow a similar pattern to the main structure. The second is right across the street from the Chateau, at 700 Sussex. The condominium building on the old Daly building site is modern, but it's not a glass block. With its use of limestone and symmetrical windows, it mirrors the style of the Chateau Laurier itself.

Both buildings show that it’s possible to have a modern new design that complements rather than contrasts itself with its surroundings. Something similar to those structures would be a much better choice than the glass block the Chateau Laurier is currently proposing. The hotel is an icon in the downtown core of the nation’s capital. It deserves a more appropriate expansion.

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