March 30, 2018: My top 3 Ottawa Today interviews from this week

Stu Cowan, sports columnist

Montreal Gazette sports columnist Stu Cowan joined me to discuss the life of Rusty Staub: Expo Rusty Staub, Le Grand Orange, was my first sports hero. In this tribute, Cowan memorializes the life of Rusty Staub who died at the age of 73 on March 29. Staub only played three seasons for Montreal and although his statistics were impressive some of his memorable feats happened off the field. He learned French to better communicate with his fans and the media, and did his best to embrace the culture in Montreal. Listen to the full interview here.

John Richardson, University of Ottawa professor

University of Ottawa Adjunct Professor John Richardson joined me to discuss his piece: Three ways the world is changing. Are we ready? Richardson expressed his concerns regarding the job market for taxi and truck drivers with the increase in research around self-driving cars, or the change in our shopping habits with self-check outs and online shopping; there are a large number of jobs that are becoming obsolete because of technology. Listen to the full interview for more information.

Erica Ifill, social media expert

Social media expert and podcast host Erica Ifill joins Mark Sutcliffe to discuss her piece: Ottawa lacks an actual plan for tackling anti-Black racism. Ifill is concerned that the solutions that were expressed in a recent event were surface issues that do not get into the accountability of maintaining programs to resolve issues of racism in public service. She believes the issues do not tackle longterm problems and only scratch the surface of working with minority communities because of a lack of data. Listen here for the full interview.

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