Stormy Daniels interview changes little but television ratings

After all the hype about Stormy Daniels, what difference does her 60 Minutes interview actually make? As we’ve said often in the past year, perhaps if this were any other president, the news would be devastating.

But this is no ordinary time.

For a new revelation to have any impact in politics, it has to change or even destroy the image of the politician. But there was nothing in last night’s interview that told Americans something they didn’t already know about Donald Trump. If the Access Hollywood tape didn’t disqualify him from the presidency, an affair with an adult film actress is unlikely to bring him down.

Not even hush money paid out just days before the election or alleged threats against speaking out will surprise anyone. The entire matter is distasteful and unbecoming of a person holding the public trust. But while Donald Trump may have cheated on his wife and his lawyer may have violated campaign finance laws, nothing that was raised in last night’s interview is likely to change anything other than the television ratings for 60 Minutes.

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