The Liberals' marijuana dance is both confusing and fascinating

If it weren’t so confusing, hypocritical and even somewhat dangerous, the federal government’s delicate dance around the marijuana issue would be fascinating.

On the one hand, Justin Trudeau wants you to know it’s not such a bad thing to smoke marijuana. After all, he even did it when he was a Member of Parliament, which means it must be not just okay, but a little bit cool. Plus, the provinces will operate most of the retail outlets that will sell the product to Canadians starting this summer. So how bad can marijuana be if you can buy it directly from the government?

On the other hand, Trudeau and other members of the government have very serious looks on their faces when they talk about marijuana, insisting they’re not trying to encourage consumption. That’s why packaging will be bland and carry warning labels. There’s no turning back now.

But you have to wonder if Justin Trudeau wishes he’d never made the promise to legalize instead of just decriminalizing possession. It probably seemed like a much better idea when he was the leader of the third party than now that he’s prime minister.

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