Most of the predictions about the PCs - and Doug Ford - have been premature

Over the past few months, many people have been quick to forecast the demise of Ontario’s Progressive Conservative Party. When Patrick Brown resigned, there were those that predicted the election was lost.

Others suggested there was no time to run a leadership race, or that the exercise would be so divisive that the party couldn’t recover. When the results were delayed a few hours, that was supposedly an embarrassing outcome - a dumpster fire, as some described it - that would cost the party support. And of course, many observers concluded that the eventual winner, Doug Ford, was unelectable and that PC members had just handed the election to Kathleen Wynne.

Now, barely a week later, the June election still feels like a long time from now. And polls show Ford as the clear frontrunner. The dominant theme in this election appears to be a desire for change, which has nothing to do with anything the PCs have done. That doesn’t mean Ford will become premier. But it does mean everything that happened in January, February and March will be long forgotten by June 7th and that the Progressive Conservative Party’s chances are a lot better than many experts predicted.

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