The more the establishment dismisses Ford, the greater his chances of winning

It’s easy for political commentators and pundits to look down their noses at Doug Ford and dismiss him as Ontario’s version of Donald Trump.

Ford relies on slogans more than substance and his plan to cut government spending by four per cent simply by finding efficiencies will be a lot more difficult to achieve than he thinks. But no one should underestimate his appeal and effectiveness, nor discount the possibility, even the likelihood, of Ford winning the next provincial election.

What a lot of the so-called experts overlook is that despite their own distaste for Ford, there are many voters who will embrace his promise to shake up the provincial establishment. The appetite for change is great and often voters speak emphatically when they kick a longstanding party out of office.

Here’s one thing Ford has in common with Donald Trump: the more the establishment dismisses him and anyone who would vote for him as a fool, the more attached to him disappointed, disenfranchised and disgruntled voters will become. It’s exactly the recipe that could sweep him to power in June.

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