Once the Games begin, the controversies fade and the amazing stories emerge

The Olympics are always tainted with politics and corruption, with doping scandals and overspending by host countries. The Games were once the most sought-after prize, but the cost of venues and security are causing many communities to stay out of the bidding altogether, raising serious questions about where the Olympic movement is going in the next 20 years.

But once the competition starts, as it does this weekend in South Korea, the attention shifts to the athletes and the Olympics become the ultimate international spectacle. When you set aside the controversies, there is nothing like seeing the world’s best athletes pursue their dreams after a lifetime of preparation and training.

We can all be inspired by the commitment and sportsmanship on display. And while every athlete represents a country, the Olympics represent globalism and unity. The Games are a rare and compelling example of the universal power of the human spirit. Let the politics be put aside and let the Games begin.

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