We shouldn't - and likely won't - judge all #metoo complaints the same way

Some people are complaining that all of the allegations resulting from the #metoo movement are assumed to have the same merit or that different levels of behaviour are all producing the same consequences. But the evidence actually suggests otherwise.

Even among very recent examples, there are nuances to how employers and organizations have reacted to different cases. As the prime minister said, judgement comes into play and every case must be considered on its own merits. Sometimes, the evidence looks credible enough for immediate dismissal or suspension. In other cases, an investigation is required. And already in one high-profile situation, the person accused has been allowed to stay on the job.

Let’s not forget that in workplaces outside of politics, these kinds of evaluations have been made for years. Consistent standards around how public cases should be handled would help, but we should trust that allegations of sexual misconduct will be handled with careful judgement, just as they often have been in the past. We should have faith that both employers and the public will have the wisdom to make distinctions between different kinds of allegations and different types of behaviour.

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