The trip to India reminds us of the Trudeau we were warned about before the last election

This week’s trip to India has become a surprising debacle for the prime minister and his team, a group that usually thrives on getting the imagery and the optics just right. Justin Trudeau has been accused of attaching a very thin government agenda to what is really a family vacation.

He’s been snubbed by the prime minister of India and his government has been accused of sympathizing with Sikh extremists. He’s been mocked for some of the clothes he’s worn. And then there’s the serious business of inviting a convicted attempted murderer to a couple of events. The end result may be one of the most poorly planned and executed foreign trips in recent memory.

It probably won’t hurt the Liberals very much, especially with a federal budget set to displace the story next week. But it does raise questions about the judgement of the prime minister and the people around him and it evokes memories of the flighty, flimsy and flippant politician we were warned about before the last election.

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