Before they won gold, Virtue and Moir already represented the best of Canada

There is nothing that requires Olympic champions to be good people. Sometimes, unfortunately, competition and the pressure of an entire nation bring out the worst in athletes, whether it’s a nasty edge or an inclination toward taking shortcuts to win. Even among the honest Olympians are those whose competitive nature makes them more likely to be begrudgingly respected than genuinely liked.

All of which makes Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir all the more appealing and admirable. Not only are they world-class athletes, they are warm, generous and genuine. Not only do they excel at their sport, they are kind, humble and courteous. Even as they fight for the top of the podium, they respect and honour their fellow competitors, their sport, their fans and their country. It’s hard to think of two other people in any field who have represented us on the international stage for the past decade with more grace, dignity and integrity.

Tessa and Scott demonstrate all of what is good about Canada. And whether they won the gold medal or not, they had already captured the hearts of Canadians and the respect of the world.

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