February 2, 2017: My top 3 Ottawa Today interviews from this week

Connie Chartrand

Connie Chartrand is a breast cancer patient at the Ottawa Hospital. She joined me to talk about her cancer story and World Cancer Day which is this Sunday, February 4. It’s been eight months since her diagnoses and Chartrand has already gone through chemotherapy and radiation and is now doing active hormone therapy. Listen to her story here.

Kevin Brown, diver

Local diver Kevin Brown joined me to discuss his record-breaking dive in Mazinaw Lake. Most recreational divers are only allowed to dive to a depth of 30 to 40 metres but Brown, an exploration diver, has reached depths of 132 metres in his career. Listen to the full interview to learn about diving under ice, decompression sickness and more.

Paul Wells, Macleans columnist

Macleans columnist, Paul Wells, joined me this week to discuss the recent sexual misconduct allegations on Parliament Hill. Every federal party has lost senior officials to sexual misconduct claims and Wells believes that there will be more. There are no proper regulations in place for dealing with a lot of the complaints that have come forward and Wells believes that a system needs to be implemented to deal with cases that don’t necessarily require a criminal trial. For the full interview, listen here

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