New information in the Patrick Brown case raises troubling questions

The fact that CTV now acknowledges it got some of the facts wrong in its initial story about Patrick Brown raises troubling questions about the accuracy of the allegations and the fate of the former party leader.

Let’s be clear: the accusations against Brown still stand and remain serious. But it doesn’t help the case that a shadow of doubt has now been introduced. If one of the alleged victims gave inaccurate information about her age at the time of the incident, then can the rest of her story be trusted? Would the allegations have been treated the same way if the original story had not alleged that a high school student had been involved in underage drinking?

Our memories are not infallible, and we shouldn’t expect victims to be perfect. But major inaccuracies introduce an element of doubt that can severely undermine the credibility of evidence. Now, an increasing number of observers will be left to wonder whether it’s Brown or the alleged victims, or both, who have been dealt an injustice. The uncertainty doesn’t benefit voters, nor does it help the metoo movement.

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