Caroline Mulroney needs a better answer to questions about her experience

If she’s going to become premier of Ontario, Caroline Mulroney will have to come up with a better answer for the persistent question about her lack of political experience.

Last week on Ottawa Today, Mulroney repeated the response she’s been giving since she entered the Progressive Conservative leadership race. She argued that experienced politicians are responsible for the mess that the province is in today. Even if you agree that Ontario needs a new direction, the logic is flawed. If an experienced dentist didn’t do a good job filling your cavity, you wouldn’t cast aside the entire profession and hire your lawyer or financial adviser - or your brother-in-law - to have a look at your teeth.

Mulroney brings a lot to politics, but she needs to reassure voters that she doesn’t underestimate the task ahead of her. Being premier of Ontario is not an entry level job. Instead of diminishing the value of experience with a weak argument, she should explain how she’ll overcome her shortcomings to serve us well.

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