Amateur psychologists should be careful about speculating on Trump's mental health

It’s impossible for any of us to comment with authority on the mental state of US President Donald Trump. There are certainly signs that he’s self-absorbed, narcissistic, erratic and even childish. But do his characteristics make him unfit for the presidency or are they simply signs that he doesn’t behave like a typical politician?

Many of the people who are publicly commenting on Trump’s mental health aren’t qualified to diagnose him, and even some of those who haven’t personally examined him, so they aren’t working with complete or reliable information. But given the power held by the US president, Trump’s fitness is relevant.

No one with the capacity to start a nuclear war should be allowed to govern without checks and balances. And in rare and unusual circumstances, Congress should have the power to replace the president. Democrats, however, should be careful about wielding that power in the current political climate. If Donald Trump is removed from office, the result will be unpredictable and, possibly, even worse than what’s happening now.

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