A year later, barely anything has changed for Quebec City Muslims

In the first few hours after the shooting at the Quebec City mosque, many people promised to fight the hatred that killed six people and injured 19 others. But exactly one year later, there are many reports that the spirit of solidarity has fizzled and that almost everything is back to the way it was before.

Instead of feeling safe, welcomed and protected by the people around them, many Quebec Muslims still feel fear when they go to their place of worship. There have been further incidents of violence and racism. And talk radio shock jocks in Quebec City are still spewing hateful, ignorant and ill-informed messages about Muslims and many people are still debating, effectively, whether they belong in Quebec society.

It’s a shame that not even an event of such tragic proportions would open people’s minds to the perils of hate and bring everyone together to fight racism and ignorance. Those who promote division in the name of freedom of speech should be ashamed of themselves.

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