Maintaining door-to-door delivery for a select few makes no sense

There is absolutely no logic to maintaining door-to-door mail delivery for some Canadians, while leaving others with community mailboxes.

First of all, it’s an outdated concept that will mean Canada Post will lose hundreds of millions of dollars, which will ultimately cost Canadian taxpayers. Secondly, it’s a two-tier system that preserves a higher level of service for people living in certain neighbourhoods, while denying that service to other people who just happen to live elsewhere.

Yes, there are people who can’t walk to a community mailbox, but those people don’t just exist in the neighbourhoods that currently have door-to-door delivery. And the mail isn’t the only essential service in life. In all likelihood, those people have family, friends or neighbours picking up food and running other errands for them. I’m sure it wouldn’t be too much trouble for someone to get the mail.

The only rationale for keeping door-to-door delivery for a select few is a political one. The Liberals don’t want fairness or what’s best for Canada Post. They just don’t want a backlash from voters.

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