Politicians were doing their jobs during the hospital site selection process

The public deserves transparency about major decisions like where a future hospital should be located. But there’s no evidence that warrants throwing around words like corruption or comparing the site selection process for the future Ottawa Hospital Civic campus to something organized by FIFA, as some members of the community did last week.

It also wasn’t some sort of shady development deal, as a former city councillor implied. The National Capital Commission made a mistake when it chose Tunney’s Pasture as the site for the hospital. It was a situation demanding a solution. The Sir John Carling site scored well enough on the assessment that another thorough analysis wasn’t required. It’s worth pointing out that if the NCC had met secretly with hospital officials and politicians, the same outcome could have been achieved much more quietly.

Ironically, because it played out in public, some people are saying more transparency is required. The truth is that when elected officials from all three levels of government intervened and found a better location, one that they and the hospital could agree upon, they were doing their jobs, not corrupting the process.

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