#MeToo critics like Margaret Atwood are missing the point

When they argue that the #MeToo movement has the potential to go too far, people such as Margaret Atwood are missing the point. The movement is about empowering victims of sexual abuse and harassment, not prosecuting or punishing perpetrators.

Creating an environment in which victims feel more comfortable sharing their stories is a significant step in addressing long-standing injustices and creating safer environments. But it’s not the responsibility of victims who report abuse to ensure a fair outcome for the people they accuse.

Is it right that some people are being tried in public without due process? Perhaps not. But that’s hardly the fault of victims. Are they supposed to keep their mouths shut to protect perpetrators from suffering disproportionate penalties from an over-zealous public?

The greatest mistake of people like Atwood is that they put the burden of responsibility back on victims, where it often was and never should have been. Leave it to society to figure out the right way to address complaints about sexual misconduct. And let victims continue to share their stories without any kind of backlash.

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