It's too early to dismiss either Singh or Scheer

It’s still more than 20 months until the next federal election and yet already many pundits are ready to write off Jagmeet Singh and Andrew Scheer. Only a few months after they became leaders of the NDP and Conservatives, it seems, many people have concluded they have no chance against Justin Trudeau in 2019.

The case against the opposition leaders is already being built, their missteps being documented. Scheer is too bland, or too much of a social conservative. Singh is too inexperienced and he should be running for a seat in the House of Commons. There’s no doubt Trudeau will be tough to run against, and Canadians typically give their governments at least two terms.

But that doesn’t mean Singh and Scheer can’t give the Liberals a run for their money. Just four years after Trudeaumania in 1968, the current prime minister’s father came within two seats of losing the next election. By the time the next campaign begins in the fall of 2019, whatever Singh or Scheer did in 2017 or 2018 will be long forgotten. So let’s not write either of them off now.

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