X-rated viewing material is not appropriate for the public library

With all of the government interference in our lives, it’s remarkable we’re actually debating whether people can watch pornography in public libraries. Not so long ago a parent was being told by the authorities that his children weren’t old enough to take the bus to school by themselves. And we often get into discussions about policing everything from school lunches to screen time. Yet in spite of the overprotective bubble-wrapping of the nanny state, until recently children could walk into their local public library branch and sit next to someone viewing sexually explicit material.

Yes we want libraries to be welcoming to all and we don’t want too many rules or judgements. There’s also a valid argument that it’s not so simple to draw a line between what’s suitable and what isn’t. But no matter all the other factors and considerations, viewing X-rated material is not appropriate in a public place. If the video someone is viewing would be labelled not suitable for work, it’s also not suitable for the library. 

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