Outrage about Spicer's Emmy Awards appearance is a complete overreaction

As Donald Trump’s press secretary, Sean Spicer was often an irritating and distasteful figure. He tried, often to a comic degree, to mislead the media and the American public. But the outrage over his appearance at the Emmy Awards is an overreaction of equally ridiculous proportions.

The Emmys and host Stephen Colbert have been accused of “normalizing” Spicer. One actor called him “a modern-day Goebbels” and said he was “the thuggish face of Orwellian doublespeak.” Spicer may have taken political spin to a mendacious level but he didn’t commit any war crimes. He was Donald Trump’s representative for six months and then he quit. That doesn’t mean he should spend the rest of his life in purgatory. He may not be everyone’s favourite public speaker but he hardly violated any sacred principles by accepting an invitation to a silly Hollywood awards show.

I guess only Saturday Night Live is allowed to make fun of Spicer; he can’t do it to himself. If the Emmys humanized Spicer it’s only because his critics dehumanized him. They should get off their high horses and get back to making TV shows.

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