Jagmeet Singh has the potential to make Canadian politics a lot more interesting

It’s not over, but the early indications are that Jagmeet Singh might be the frontrunner in the NDP leadership race.

If he wins, it would be a big milestone in Canadian politics and also set up some interesting dynamics for the 2019 election. Singh would be the first visible minority to lead a major Canadian party. He’s also smart and stylish and someone who could rival Justin Trudeau’s charisma. He’s already proven he’s a capable fundraiser. And he could win back some progressive votes that the NDP lost in 2015. That might not get the NDP into power but it could bolster its fortunes and at the same time help the Conservatives by cutting into Liberal support.

Another interesting result of a Singh victory would be that all three major party leaders would be born in the 1970s. In fact, Justin Trudeau would be the oldest of the three, and he’s only 45. The generational shift may mean we’ll never see another political party leader born before 1970.

Singh is still unproven as a leader, and he doesn’t have the race wrapped up just yet. But he has the potential to make Canadian politics a lot more interesting. 

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