Pride Week: a reminder that the fight for equality must be unrelenting

Capital Pride was once a protest, a fierce and visible demand for equality. Today, more than 30 years later, it’s so much more a celebration than a demonstration. In Canada, all mainstream political parties defend LGBTQ rights and many political leaders participate in parades across the country.

Of course, no one should be complacent about the progress that’s been achieved. Pride Week is a reminder that the fight for equality and fairness must be unrelenting, that if we’re not careful, advancements can quickly be reversed. There is still far too much hatred, bigotry and violence in our world.

The presence of the entire community at Pride events is also a reminder that human rights are not a zero-sum game. Just as a parent doesn’t have less love for her other children when a new baby is born, we should remember that when one group gains equality, no one else loses. In fact, everyone is further ahead because we all benefit from living in a society that is fair, inclusive and equal. In what other kind of place would you want your children to grow up?

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