America needs more than a new president

In America, it seems, everything is now viewed through the clouded lens of domestic politics and Donald Trump. So feverish has the climate become that when Islamic terrorists struck in Barcelona last week, more than six thousand kilometres away, and following a pattern established in several other European cities, CNN’s Wolf Blitzer suggested the attack might have been a copycat of Charlottesville. As though nothing else was going on in the world other than racism in America and Trump’s reaction to it.

Although there is considerable evidence that Trump has always been unsuitable for the presidency, his opponents and the media have to get over the idea that all of America’s problems began on inauguration day and that everything would be resolved by the magic wand of a resignation or impeachment. The worse Trump behaves, and the more Democrats and even some Republicans become seized with criticizing him and plotting his demise, the less everyone is focused on the underlying fault lines that predate Trump by years.

America needs more than a new president. And everyone consumed with discrediting Trump is simply missing the point.

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