Donald Trump: neither effective nor malicious

About Donald Trump, everyone seems to fall in one of two categories. Some think he’s doing a terrific job, held back only by the fake news media and the Washington elites. Most Trump voters still support the president and want to see him drain the swamp.

Then there are those who think Trump is a disaster who must be stopped before he brings about the end of civilization. They cling to every stumble or hint of scandal as evidence that Trump is an illegitimate president who can and will be removed from office in short order.

Neither view is actually right. Donald Trump is not doing a terrific job but he was duly elected and he’s not going anywhere. Trump’s supporters should start acknowledging his flaws and demanding results from the man they elected on a platform of very specific promises. And Trump’s opponents should be building their case to impeach the president and start developing their strategy for defeating him in the next election.

Donald Trump is neither as effective as his supporters believe nor as malicious as his critics claim. In the increasingly polarized world we live in, almost everyone is missing the point.

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