The proposal to increase HST to pay for infrastructure is a complete non-starter

A surprising 73% of Ontario residents are in favour of a higher tax. Apparently they support the idea from the Association of Municipalities of Ontario to increase the HST to pay for infrastructure.

Ontario’s cities have a point: their costs are increasing, roads and bridges need work and they have only one main way of raising revenue, property taxes. Cities play a bigger role in our lives and carry a much larger burden than in the past. They should have more revenue options at their disposal, rather than always having to go cap in hand to other levels of government. And we should be putting more money in infrastructure. But in a provincial budget of more than $120 billion, there ought to be a billion or two that could be redirected towards that purpose.

This proposal from municipalities is a complete non-starter. In the next nine months, it’s much more likely that the government will be handing out money rather than charging us more. The provincial Liberals are more interested in boosting minimum wage and giving out electricity rebates than adding a percentage point to the most highly visible tax in Ontario. 

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