Why do we still trust humans over machines?

Some industry analysts are saying that within a few years, there could be self-driving planes. According to a new survey, only a small minority of people would be willing to fly on a pilotless aircraft, even if it meant significant savings on the price of their ticket.

It’s amazing how much everyone still trusts human beings over machines. I hear from people all the time who are worried about the safety of driverless cars. I guess they’d prefer to put their lives in the hands of other people rather than reliable, finely calibrated machines that have a much faster reaction time than even the drivers who aren’t texting or drunk.

Look at how many collisions there are involving drivers today and tell me that computers can’t improve on that safety record. It’s always difficult to embrace new technology, but I suspect once driverless cars arrive it won’t be long before people get used to them.

Pilotless planes present a different kind of risk, since you can’t just pull over and stop if there’s a technical problem. But someday I bet people will wonder what we were so worried about, and why we put up with so much death and injury on our roads.

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