Football's day of reckoning is coming

Are you less likely to let your kids play football or other sports in which they might have an increased risk of a brain injury?

A new study shows that 99% of NFL players who donated their brains to science showed signs of CTE. Even with increased knowledge of the relationship between head shots and brain injuries, that’s a shocking number.

The results are probably a bit skewed because it’s more likely that the families of players who showed symptoms would donate their brains to research. Even so, the numbers are more evidence of a direct link between football and a debilitating and preventable illness that can lead to aggressive behaviour, memory loss, impaired judgement and depression.

When children play football, of course, they aren’t exposed to the same risk as professional players who are colliding at dramatic speeds. But a day of reckoning is coming at all levels of football. The sport’s top executives should move aggressively to address safety issues before more players suffer injuries that lead to CTE. Football is an incredibly popular sport but no one should be exposed to this kind of risk just for our entertainment.

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